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Creating an md5sum hash dictionary file

by on Apr.30, 2010, under Code, Posts

If you’re ever put in a situation where you need to assess the strength of passwords that may be stored in an md5sum, there are a few options you have:

There are numerous websites for cracking md5sums such as:


The simple way I assess how these websites is by searching for a very simple md5sum that can be generated via:

echo password | md5sum -;

Also, you could just merely, google the md5sum and see if you can find the unciphered text. That being said, the point of this post though, is to generate an md5sum hash dictionary. Let’s look at a simple word list.

cat wordlist.txt | head 

We will then, use a for loop and append the output of each iteration, to a file simply by doing:

for i in `cat wordlist.txt`; do echo ${i} >> hashdict.txt; echo ${i} | md5sum - >> hashdict.txt; done

Now in our hashdict.txt file, we have our unciphered text and then on the next line, it’s md5sum equivalent. Ergo, if we want to look up a hash some and find the unciphered text, we could do as follows:

egrep --before-context=1 '4ab36a961cd2198e4a49915f820db5c0' hashdict.txt

We have now found out that ‘4ab36a961cd2198e4a49915f820db5c0’ is equivalent to ‘aaaae’.

Similarly, if we wanted to find md5sum equivalent of ‘aaaae’ , we could use the list, or just simply do:

echo aaaae | md5sum -

I’ll have more to come. In the next few days, I’m going to work on my ‘ettersploit’, idea.

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